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linkage interval
chromosome from to
bp/Mbp (NCBI Build 37)
Values below 400 will be converted to Mbp. If (from) or (to) is not specified, the telomer will be used.
gene symbol
dbSNP ID / Affymetrix ID
single genes / gene lists
HGNC gene symbols / NCBI Entrez gene IDs

Gene symbols and IDs must be comma-separated. * and % can be used as wildcards for gene symbols.

whole genome analysis

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known disease genes
OMIM IDs or keywords

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highlight these keywords (OMIM/GeneRIFs) with at least one of these words in their OMIM reports
highlight these HPO IDs (and their subclasses) to which at least one of these HPO IDs applies
highlight these MGD phenotypes to which at least one of these phenotypes was assigned
highlight these GO IDs (and their subclasses) to which at least one of these GO IDs applies
highlight these Kegg pathways (specified by number) involved in at least one of these Kegg pathways

expression show hide
Select tissue to be shown with the checkboxes; use the drop-down menus and text fields to limit expression to values above/below x times of median. Settings can either be 'exclusive' (only genes fulfilling all or one condition are displayed) or 'scoring' (genes are ranked for their fulfillment of all conditions). Tick boxes to display a certain tissue.

Connect expression conditions with and . Show expression as table bar chart.
tisue   conditions x median expression
    atrioventricular node
    cardiac myocytes
  adrenal gland
    adrenal cortex
blood / bonemarrow
    BDCA4+ dendritic cells
    CD14+ monocytes
    CD19+ B cells
    CD4+ T cells
    CD56+ NK cells
    CD8+ T cells
    721 B lymphoblasts
  bone marrow
  bone marrow
    CD105+ endothelial
    CD33+ myeloid
    CD71+ early erythroid
other tissues
  uterus corpus
  salivary gland
  bronchial epithelial cells
  lymph node
  pancreatic islets
    testis germ cell
    testis interstitial
    Leydig cell (testis)
    testis seminiferous tubule
brain / neuronal
  whole brain
    cerebellar peduncles
    prefrontal cortex
    cingulate cortex
    parietal lobe
    temporal lobe
    medulla oblongata
    occipital lobe
    olfactory bulb
    subthalamic nucleus
    globus pallidus
    caudate nucleus
    superior cervical ganglion
    trigeminal ganglion
    ciliary ganglion
    spinal cord
    dorsal root ganglion
  smooth muscle
  skeletal muscle
  fetal brain
  fetal liver
  fetal lung
  fetal thyroid
  leukemia, chronic myelogenous (k562)
  leukemia, lymphoblastic (molt4)
  leukemia, promyelocytic (hl60)
  colorectal adenocarcinoma
  Burkitts lymphoma (Daudi)
  Burkitts lymphoma (Raji)

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prioritisation settings show hide
Use these fields to fine-tune prioritisation according to your needs.
When a prioritisation approach has been selected, default values will be filled in. You can change the values according to your needs and thus put more or less emphasis on the different parameters. When a weight is set to 0 (zero), the parameter will be ignored.
    Weight given to the...
Mitopred Mitopred score for prediction of a mitochondrial import sequence
Maestro Maestro score for prediction of a mitochondrial import sequence
OMIM title occurence of a search term in an OMIM title
OMIM clinical symptoms occurence of a search term in an OMIM clinical synposis
OMIM text occurence of a search term in an OMIM report
NCBI geneRIFs occurence of a search term in the NCBI GeneRIFs
MGD phenotype existence of one of the selected MGD (Mouse Genome Database) phenotypes
successive MGD phenotype existence of another selected MGD phenotype
HPO terms existence of one of the specified Human Phenotype Ontology terms (or subclasses)
successive HPO terms existence of another specified Human Phenotype Ontology terms (or subclasses)
expression similarity expression similarity between the candidate gene and other gene(s) specified above under Comparison with known genes
tissue-specific expression tissue-specific expression
cellular localisation specified cellular, extracellular, or organellar localisation (or a sub-localisation thereof)
GO terms existence of one of the specified GO (GeneOntology) terms (or subclasses)
successive GO terms existence of another specified GO terms (or subclasses)
interaction interaction with one of the specified partners (or partners selected by their OMIM disease phenotypes)
successive interaction interaction with another of the specified partners
interaction, successive networks interaction confirmed in another interaction network
PFAM existence of a target PFAM domain
PFAM, successive domain existence of another target PFAM domain
InterPro existence of a target InterPro domain
InterPro, successive domain existence of another target InterPro domain
Kegg pathways member of a target pathway
Kegg, successive pathway member of another target pathway
protein paralogs: identity protein paralogs, weight of sequence identity